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Sling and Shot
Hand stitched leather slingshot with 2 long leather straps, one for holding one for releasing.
Used from the Persian Empire all the way to the Medieval period.
These slings held a large lead shot that was swung towards the enemy. 12cms x 4.5 cms

Wrist Guard
These plain leather guards were mainly used by archers to stop the friction burn from the bowstring.
These are made with hand tooled edges and fastened with a leather thong.
These come in two sizes. Small fits arms up to 25cm circumference Large fits arms up to 34cm
However if you do need a custom size we are happy to oblige but you will need to contact us prior to your order.

Shield. Saxon/Viking
A round wooden shield with a diameter of 29ins and a 8ins boss.
Paint styles may vary but can be customised if you have any special requirements.

Shield. Buckler.
Round wooden buckler with a diameter of 15inchs and a 6inch boss with a leather edging.

Quiver. Saxon.
Hand stitched from veg tanned leather.
This is of saxon design from the 6 th-9 th century this has loops to hand it from your belt.
Approx 24ins long.


Quiver. Viking.
Handstitched from veg tanned leather.
Around 9 th-11 th century.
This has a strap for carrying over the shoulder.
It is approx 23ins long.


Segmented arm guard lined with leather.
As worn by Roman legionary and auxiliary soldiers in the 1st & 2nd century, based on findings made at  Carlisle.
Made to measure for the length of your arm.


Lorica Segmentata
Segmented Roman plate armour from the 1st -2nd century based on findings from Corbridge Roman Fort, with all handmade brass fittings and straps.
Larger sizes can be made to measure from your own measurements.


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