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Personal Effects

Bum Sponge

First century toilet roll!! These were used by many for wiping their bottom. They were a communal item that many people used within the latrine and once used would be placed into a pot of vinegar ready for the next person. Comprises of a sponge tied to a stick with a piece of leather. Approx size 43cm long


Razor and Pouch

This is a personal razor blade with a bone griping handle that has been riveted together with handmade copper rivets. These come with a leather pouch custom made for each razor for an exact fit. Approx size 6cmx4.5cm


Roman Comb and Pouch

A double sided comb with two different sized teeth at either end. These come with a leather pouch custom made for each comb for an exact fit. This type of comb was found and can be seen at Vindolanda Roman fort. Approx size 6cmx7.3cm


Personal Hygiene Kit

These are three brass implements that were carried on a persons belt to maintain personal hygiene. These include a pair of tweezers for plucking hair, a nail scraper to remove dirt from underneath your nails and an ear wax remover and come altogether on a piece of leather. These have been found in many sites around Britain and Europe. Approx length 6cm


Personal Grooming Kit

This is a handmade leather pouch containing all you grooming needs in one place. Everything is handmade , it contains a comb and pouch, a razor and pouch, vial for oil, personal grooming kit (tweezers, nail cleaner and ear wax scoop) and a brass mirror in a pouch. You save £8.25 on the individual price of all the items.


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