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Custom Items

Here we have a special commission we made.
The customer had owned a knife the same when he was younger but lost it.
He sent us a photograph which enabled us to replicate the knife for him.
Needless to say he was extremely happy when he received the finished item.

Hip Flask
This was a hip flask surrounded by a set of roman lorica made for a re-enactor.

Dog Armour
This item was commissioned by a customer in America and is a set of leather armour for a Chihuahua dog.

Hunting Knife
Similar to one already owned by the customer.

Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife
This knife had a customised scabbard as it was for a present.

Bayonet Frog
This was a replica of a 2nd world war leather German bayonet frog.

We were asked to re-instate the missing handle on a WW1 German butchers bayonet, which we did exactly to the picture as supplied by the customer.
He was extremely pleased with the result. Cost of this was £25.00.
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