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Scratch Pens

A roman scratch pen consisting of a short rounded wooden handle and an iron nib wrapped around. These have been copied from pens that have been found at various roman sites around Europe.


Wooden Phallus

A wooden phallus, this was used in everyday life as a symbol of good luck and to ward off evil spirits. This has been made so that you can hang it around your neck if desired. Approx length 5.5cm


Good Luck Kit

Good luck kits are made up of a small bone phallus, this was used in everyday life as a symbol of good luck and to ward off evil spirits and a small piece of tigers eye gemstone which was also believed to bring good luck in battle. Sizes may vary


Large Sewing Kit

A wooden cylindrical container with a crafted end stop used to store needles and thread. Length 13cm


Thumb Shot

Handmade lead shot in the shape of a thumb. These were used as ammunition for the slingshot. These were found at Arbeia Roman fort. Skulls and helmets have also been found with these embedded within them. Approx 3cm


Wooden Bowl.

This is a copy of a 1 st century wooden bowl found on the Rhine and now in the museum in Xanten. It is Unvarnished beech ready for use.


Wooden Vial

This is a small wooden vial (80mm high and 30mm diameter) with cork to carry a small amount of olive oil. It is waxed on the inside to prevent seepage.


Kit Box Code KTB 23b
This is a wooden kit box. Approx 65cms x 43cms x 40cms. It has black metal handles on each end and a handmade brass hasp on the lid (no lock provided). This has plenty of room for a full set of roman armour (Lorica, helmet, callagae, tunic and more besides). This can also double up as a sturdy seat when getting changed.
Price £50.00
Made with two pieces of wood approx 48" long and 8" wide which slot together but are easily disassembled for storage.
Approx 24" wide x 16" high in rough hewn wood with traditional twist tensioning cord.
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